Estonian youth are in the 1st place in PISA financial literacy research
Let's make the financial literacy studies more practical
Practice makes skills out of knowledge
We teach students financial literacy
using roleplay
OECD announced in the beginning of the May 2020 PISA 2018 financial literacy research results. Estonian youth's results are in the 1st place outperform 19 countries. 95% of 15 years old Estonian students have financial literacy basics and in last 6 year they have improved these skills significantly.
We have created a unique combination of physical games and an online platform to help you teach your students entrepreneurship and valuable everyday skills.
Digital platform and game sets for schools
Teach financial literacy at your own school or preschool, using roleplay. With gameset and game app you can organize engaging and educative roleplay
My Money
Entrepreneurial Family
Entrepreneurial Citizen
Prepare for the season!
Leave us your contact and we'll tell you how you can start making your financial literacy studies more practical
Regional Bizplay Village
We have two regional Bizplay Villages in Estonia, where students can get entrepreneurship experience in specially designed environment
SPARK BizTown - Tartu, Estonia
Estonian quality, our education
ranks 1st in Europe
over 8000 happy students and 800 teachers
European Enterprise Promotion Award Winner 2017
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