Entrepreneurial Citizen
Designed for youth ages 12-16

Roleplaying game, which teaches the basics of running a company, taxes, and the economy

Our games are designed to teach youth the skills they need, in the context that they will need it. We designed our games to combine theory and practice to maximize the amount of topics your players will learn each time you play with them. We test our content on thousands of youth per year to ensure that our products have the impact we aim to deliver.

What entrepreneur-ship is all about
Your players will learn why companies are started, and what skills are needed to run a successful company, and what the everyday life of an entrepreneur looks like.
Basic understanding of our society and economy
Our games give players the understanding of why we pay taxes and what we get for it, and how money circulates in the economy.
Develop soft skills
Because the games simulate real life situations, soft skills like problem-solving, communication, sales, and marketing learned in the game directly translate to real life, increasing competence not only in entrepreneurship, but in everyday social situations.
Courage to be independent
Our underlying teaching methodology gives your kids the courage to make decisions on their own and allows them to safely learn from their mistakes.
What the program is like

Every group of kids is different, but it’s always good to see how the program is already used by other teachers.

To give you an idea of what the game can be like, take a look at how our games are used in one of our regional education centers.
I became a lot more aware about how economics works.
We have prepared for you:
Includes all physical materials and instructions needed for the program
Buy - 250€
Game app & platform
App for students & teachers to play the game and track progress to make better decisions
The teacher's guide
Each set includes simple to follow
teacher instructions.
Fits in with your curriculum
The program is adaptable and fits in to your curriculum.
Ready out of the box
All the materials you need are
included in the box.
The teacher experience
We built our teacher experience on the idea that the best way to impact youth is to empower teachers to teach. The impact you have on your kids grows as you continuously learn how to use the program more effectively.
Get familiar with the content
Read the teachers’ guide to get familiar with how the program works and what you need to do.
Play the game
Let your players learn through the game. Take notes of key learning situations.
Analyse what happened
Use your notes to select a few key learning situations to discuss with the players later.
Discuss with the players
To maximize the impact of the game, use our guiding questions to discuss selected key learning situations with the players to develop your students’ critical thinking skills.
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