Teach life skills through play
We combine role-playing games and digital tools to create an entrepreneurial mindset

We combined role-playing games and a web-based application to create a practical and playful learning format for practicing entrepreneurship.
1h entrepreneurship crash course!
Business Battle
Digitally assisted
Players and teachers use web-based app with various functions that supports roleplay.
Teacher facilitated
Teacher facilitates and monitors process of games and courses.
Real-life roleplay
Players will play face to face, simulating real life challenges that need to be solved creatively
Ready-made games
Games are structured as stories suitable for various age groups achieving their learning goals
Learning materials
Materials create better connections the activities and real-life.
Teacher support
All guides and materials needed to become a pro at organizing entrepreneurship roleplay
Playful learning formats for practicing entrepreneurship
Find suitable game format for your students and topics
Business Battle

Find your business idea and go to the market

13+ y
Entrepreneurial Citizen
Basics of entrepreneurship, taxes and economy

12-16 y
Entrepreneurial Family
Family finances and basics of entrepreneurship

7-12 y
My money

Personal finance skills

5-9 y
I learned how to handle and use money. I worked in the beauty salon. We had a ton of clients and orders that we had to deal with. It was a very fun game. Thank you!
- Silvia (10 y)
We help teacher:
  • To create engaging learning environment
    Players can immediately test their ideas in a game simulation.
  • To develop students practical skills
    Players learn through game teamwork, problem solving, communication and leadership.
  • To make lessons more various
    Our content has been tested by teachers and can be customized for lessons.
  • To motivate and help students
    We help you personalize your lessons by using technology to assess and assist students.
Empower your students to become extraordinary.
We want to live in a world where everyone is empowered to become extraordinary.

To work towards this world, we transform education to be more personalized and engaging.

Our engaging educational games allow you to individualize the content, use data to make better decisions, motivate and encourage your students.
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