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How the service works?
The game facilitator has access to game instructions, supporting materials, and training programs at Bizplay Academy.

How do I get the facilitator access?
There is a web app that creates a virtual game room for each group of students. Creating games requires game tokens.

Buy game tokens from online store
There are reusable game materials that create a physical game room. Some games require game sets.

Where can I get it?
Where do I get the Game set?
You can order all game sets from our shop
Personal finance skills
for 5-9 y/o
Family finances and basics of entrepreneurship for 7-12 y/o
Basics of entrepreneurship, taxes and economy for 12-16 y/o
Frequently Asked Questions
Common questions we hear from people
Is there also free content?
We also have free games. For example, Business Battle. However, in order to play the free game, the teacher must create an account at Bizplay Academy and complete a course explaining how to play the game, which is also free.
Who pays for game sets and paid games?
Our client is expected to be an educational institution that wants to use our games in their teaching. Among clients, there are various practices where funding is found from institutions own budget, a grant is applied or parents and local supporters are involved.
Does the teacher have to pay for the Academy from it's own pocket?
The teacher can pay for his own membership. But in most cases, the fee is paid either by the educational institution, the school administrator or a third party.

Feel free to ask for a special offer if there are more interested parties from one school or region.
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