We combined role-playing games and a web-based application to create a practical and playful learning format for practicing entrepreneurship.
1h entrepreneurship crash course!
Business Battle
60 min
Structured game format
13+ years old
Best for youth 13-18 years old
15-100 players
Best for group size 20-40 players
Use games in your lesson
Help your players learn new skills.
Finding a business idea
Formulating ideas
Sales and value proposition
Product pricing
Communication skills
Bizplay has created a game format that has been tested and developed over the years. So the teacher doesn't have to spend time inventing the game system and materials.
Start using Business Battle straight away!
Develop entrepreneurship
Roleplay challenging situations
Players face simulations of real life challenges which need to be solved creatively.
Learning materials
Materials help create better conditions between the activities and real life.
Facilitated learning
The games are facilitated and monitored by the teacher for optimal learning outcomes.
Digitally assisted
Players and teachers use a web-based app with various functions which support the roleplay.
Structured game format
The game is structured as a story suitable for different ages to achieve their learning goals.
Teacher support materials
Become a pro at teaching entrepreneurship through games with our support materials.

Anneli Kütt
economics and business teacher, entrepreneur
In my opinion, the greatest value is that students learn communication and sales work. Analyze why it went the way it did and what could be better. I use it in business lessons to generate business ideas and practice sales work.
Aive Kaldra
teacher of history and social studies
The value is that young people are directed to decide and act independently throughout the game, have to work as a team and reach agreements, and the activities are carried out using their own smart devices.
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Business Battle was created by the European Social Fund.
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