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My money

Personal financial management

5-7 year old

Entrepreneurial family

Family finance, entrepreneurship basics 

 7-12 year old

Entrepreneurial citizen

How to run a business, taxes & economy 

12-16 year old

Integrated tools create more engaging learning!


  • ...enjoy experimenting theories through simulation
  • ...develop practical skills like teamwork, problem solving, leadership
  • ...get exciting lessons and have higher learning motivation


  • ...get adjustable teaching tool to diversify lessons
  • ...get tested, community approved materials to simplify daily work
  • ...get support and updates to build individual curriculum
  • ...get analytics to track and improve
  • ...get positive attention and respect from students

Higher motivation of learning and teaching
Stronger relationships among teachers and students
Higher happiness level at school!

Students get higher motivation for learning and teachers feel happier at teaching. 
Stronger relationships contribute higher happiness level at school!


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Enterprise Village in SPARK HUB Tartu, Estonia