My Money


One-week program, which teaches personal finance management through roleplay and practical experiences.
Designed for children ages 5-9

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What your kids will learn

Our week-long program is designed to teach kids the skills they need through simulations of real-life situations.

This means that we create an environment that helps kids make new connections between theory and reality, and empowers them to become more independent.

Here's what your players will learn during the week-long program:
  1. Manage personal finances
    Through the week-long program, your players will learn how to manage their own money by earning money and spending it on necessary things.
  2. Play in different roles
    Your kids will take different roles like a merchant, designer, architect etc. By being in these roles, they will learn what the necessary skills are, whether it's creativity or rational thinking.
  3. Develop soft skills
    Since the games simulate real life situations, soft skills like problem-solving, communication, and sales learned in the game directly translate to real life.
  4. Courage to be independent
    Our underlying teaching methodology gives your kids the courage to make decisions on their own and allows them to safely learn from their mistakes.
I liked playing, because I got to buy and sell for money.
- Emma

What the program is like

Every group of kids is different, but it’s always good to see how the program is already used by other teachers.

To give you an idea of what the game can be like, take a look at how our games are used in one of our regional education centers.

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Seeing is believing.
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The teacher experience

We built our teacher experience on the idea that the best way to impact youth is to empower teachers to teach. The impact you have on your kids grows as you continuously learn how to use the program more effectively.

Here's what the process looks like for you:
  1. Get familiar with the program
    Read the teachers’ guide to get familiar with how the program works and what you need to do.
  2. Begin with the morning task
    Start every day with a little conversation to open the day's topic for kids. Let them tell you what they have heard about the topic.
  3. Continue with the main exercise
    In the program, there is one main exercise for each day to teach new knowledge and skills with support from roleplay.
  4. Practical roleplay
    In the most important part, kids can put what they learned from that day into practice. Every day has some new components and ends with a teacher's summary.
The teacher's guide
Each set includes simple to follow
teacher instructions.
Fits in with your curriculum
The program is adaptable and fits in to your curriculum.
Ready out of the box
All the materials you need are
included in the box.

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My Money

Personal finance management through practical experiences.
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