Help your students become extraordinary people.

Teach valuable entrepreneurship skills through emotionally engaging games.

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We have created a unique combination of physical games and an online platform to help you teach your students entrepreneurship and valuable everyday skills.

Here’s what we help you do:
  1. Create engaging environments
    Players have the chance to instantly test out ideas through the simulation environment created by the games.
  2. Develop practical skills
    While playing the games, the players learn teamwork, problem solving, communication and leadership.
  3. Diversify your lessons
    Our content is adaptable to your lessons and is tested by the community, simplifying your work.
  4. Motivate and help students
    We empower you to personalize your curriculum and use our analytics to track and help your students.

Engaging education

Empower your students to become extraordinary.

We want to live in a world where everyone is empowered to become extraordinary.

To work towards this world, we transform education to be more personalized and engaging.

Our engaging educational games allow you to individualize the content, use data to make better decisions, motivate and encourage your students.

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